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Rest Easy, Richard Matheson

The great metaphysicist of his literary era passed away yesterday at the age of 87. Richard Matheson, whose story "Button, Button" I've taught often in recent years, wrote about life and love and spirituality and humanity with grace and grit. I loved his horror stories. I loved his science fiction tales. I really liked his surreal fiction (that short story about Hollywood and Los Angeles taking over America was great--read it in a log cabin on the banks of the Suwannee River...), and I thought his television contributions were tremendous. I watched Trilogy of Terror for about the thirtieth time recently and I still get a chuckle out of that damned doll.

Here's hoping he's having a beer with Mr. Bradbury right about now...

Here's a great retrospective of his life and work, and here is a fine interview. Kind of surprised by his thoughts on modern horror films, but he's right. They are gross. And a little gratuitous...

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