Coast to Coast Climate...


Just stepped off the course after squeezing in eighteen holes in two hours (41-39 w/two missed short putts). Holy cow, the sun felt like it was thirty feet above my head. With 61% humidity, weather.com puts the "feels like" at 98 degrees

What a difference it is from the Oregon coast, where we enjoyed a great vacation two weeks ago. We flew back to Portland and drove down to Lincoln City for three days with my family before heading north to Oceanside for three days with Jeanne's. We attended a great wedding and took Lyla to McMinnville to show her where mommy and daddy met all those years before (about sixteen--not all that long ago, really).

The first night in town, the whole family tried to go down to the beach. Our little Florida baby (who loves to brag to any kid at school that will listen that she has Oregon blood in her veins) began to cry. 

"It's too cold!" she said. "It's so cold the birds aren't even landing on the sand! It's not the beach! It's not the beach!"

Sheesh. You'd a thought they'd just thawed that little gal after an extended stay in the ol' carbon vapor.

She adjusted over the week and came to really enjoy the time at the coast. But the temperatures never peeked much over 60 degrees, and the wind whipping off the ocean made it a lot cooler than that. 

I enjoyed some great long runs and walks, and we were able to see a lot of country. Here are a few pics that we snapped from Cape Meares, Boiler Bay, the octopus tree, Tillamook, and Oceanside.

Check out these cheesy dorks! 

It was a really refreshing vacation, and just so restorative to be with family. I love Florida, and I really enjoy days like today, when the weather is insufferable for a time, but then the sun heads west and a dinner of fresh seafood and cold beer hits just the perfect spot.

But there's nothing like being near family, and so I have to give the climate nod to Oregon...

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