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Patience with Blaine Gabbert...

Everybody calling for Blaine's head needs to chill out. First off, he didn't look good in the preseason game last week, but that pick was not his fault. If the ball hits the back in the hands, as it did in the game against Miami, that needs to be a catch.

Blaine needs to get Maurice, Blackmon, and Cecil Shorts back. They need to protect him (he had the ball out of his hands in 2.1 seconds on Friday!) and give him time. 

Of course his results have been disappointing. Of course we have expected more from him. But he has the physical tools and we've seen him make all the throws. He really needs things to click for ten or twelve quarters in a row--get that confidence way up--and he'll be fine. If he has a very good four-game stretch, he'll save his career.

Our options in town aren't great, but give Blaine some time. Here's hoping he surprises us... 

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