Oregon down on The Farm!

Oregon invades Palo Alto tomorrow evening at 9:00 EST for a huge game with Stanford (ESPN). 

I respect Stanford. I think it's America's best overall academic institution, and they have a great athletic department. They have a lot of classy student athletes and they represent the PAC-12 well across a whole slew of men's and women's sports.

But man, do I ever hope that Oregon goes down there tomorrow ready to play...let's see this team get a convincing win that really showcases the quality of this Oregon football team. 

DeAnthony Thomas mentioned a few days ago that he thought the Ducks should put up at least forty on Stanford. That's two touchdowns below the season average, and even that might be a stretch. Stanford's defense is big and fast, and they usually bring an aggressive game plan into our matchups. Of course, the Ducks are just a few years removed from dropping half a hundred on them at their place, so anything is possible.

The thing about the Ducks this year that I'm so impressed with is their team maturity. They respond well to pressure, and they seem to feed off each other's energy. If DAT can get loose on a few kick returns, it will make all the difference in the world. I think if he breaks one for a touchdown, or if he consistently flips field position, the Ducks will win comfortable.

But if it's a one-score game in the fourth quarter, Katie bar the door! We don't want to get stuck in another OT game with these guys, that's for sure.

I think Marcus and his connection to Addison, Mundt, and Huff will be the difference. No drops, Josh! 

Ducks 42, Cardinal 31

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