The Gators of the Paynes Prairie Preserve

State wildlife biologists believe that the alligator population down at Paynes Praire Preserve State Park may in fact be cannibalistic. Recent droughts have led biologists to theorize that the large alligators fed on smaller alligators as food sources became scarce.

Paynes Praire Preserve really sounds like a place worth visiting. There is a population of American bison inside the park, an impressive wildlife observation deck, freshwater lake fishing, loads of gators, and ranger-led storytelling sessions on Saturday nights in the winter. 

I just finished a run through the JAX Arboretum, and I have to say that I'm actually excited that a cold front is coming in tonight. It's 81 right now, and we have the AC on as I write this. Last night, there were crickets chirping and lizards hopping around on the back patio. With temperatures plunging into the low thirties on Wednesday morning, it'll be a welcome changeup for Christmas Day...

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