Jaguars Rising

Gus Bradley and his coaching staff are coaching the South team at the Senior Bowl tomorrow. While it's never a situation you want to hope for as a fan, it's not a bad one to be in for a developing team with momentum. Essentially, our staff is getting a much closer look at the incoming group of seniors, and I think it's a useful NFL tool to ensure continued parity in the league. Letting the Jags get a peep on these players will, hopefully, pay big dividends in the third, fourth, and fifth rounds, where we have a lot of picks in a really deep draft.

I hope the Jags get a shot at Clowney at #3. I don't think Bridgewater will be there, and Bortles and Manzel are great players, but I doubt they'll have the impact that Clowney will in the NFL. I hear a lot of folks comparing Clowney to LT, but I think he's more like Jevon Kearse or Julius Peppers. The only hope here is that he has a longer career than Kearse and doesn't suffer the fall-off that Peppers has had. 

In the second round, I hope we grab a playmaker. Let's go get the best athlete on offense available there. I like Chad Henne. Given a full offseason to hold the job, I think he can be effective. There is no need to over-draft a QB, and we can grab an Aaron Murray type in the fifth round. He'll be ready to go in time for training camp, I think.

In the middle rounds, it's time to beef up the offensive line. Grab a center and some tackles, and let's also look for a decent running back. I think Storm Johnson would gain 1,000 yards here in JAX, and it would be great to get a UCF Knight up here.

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