Jaguars Rising

Well, shoot. That didn't work out...

I think Blaine is a much better player than he ever showed here, and I feel for him now that Jags fans are piling on. Blaine should only now be preparing to play his second full season. When JDR cut Garrard, the writing was on the wall and it really wasn't fair to put Blaine in that position with such a lackluster roster around him. He had to work with new OCs in each year of his time here, and let's face it--the offensive line just didn't give him much time.

He didn't do media in town, and that hurt him, I think. I wish he would have been more active in the community. 

Even though he's a competitor and a great athlete, he also should have tried to endear himself to the people here. Showing up here and there at charity events or community celebrations would have helped, I think.

I wish him the best in San Francisco. He's going to a coach that can work with quarterbacks, and his role there is clearly defined, so he can just focus on getting better. Good kid and a great athlete, and it's a shame that he walked into such a bad situation here.

Now, I do think we are getting our house in order under our new management. The additions of Beadles and Bryant are good, and I'm glad Blackmon was re-signed. He really played well last year in the secondary.

If either Bridgewater or Clowney is not there for the Jags at #3, I hope we make a deal with Detroit and trade down to #10 (word is they really like Watkins). If we could get #10, #35, and #45 in the first/second, I'd like to see us grab, in order, Dee Ford, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Kelvin Benjamin/Tre Mason. That would put three decent rookies on the field, and then we have a ton of leverage to restock the roster with trench guys. The Jags have an insane amount of picks in this draft, and it will be the watershed moment for the future of both units...  

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