The Round Marsh

I ran out to the Round Marsh today, and it was a stunning scene. We had a hot day, and I saw woodpeckers, squirrels, a bunch of blue-tailed mole skinks, and some fish jumping in the tidal creeks. The lilies were open and there were herons and storks hunting fish in the Spanish Pond.

When I got to the top of the birding platform, the only sounds were the wind in the trees and the popping of oysters in the tidal creeks. When I got back to the parking lot, I heard a deep bellowing. 

We're approaching that time of the year when the alligators become active and begin their mating season.

There's a lot of life there in the Timucuan Preserve--a primal, beautiful place right in the heart of Jacksonville...



Unbelievable power ballad. This is what it's all about...that howl at 2:08 is primal!

Florida's Return

I love to run, and I run to live. Every time that I'm jammed up a bit for a new idea on a work of fiction or I'm stumped on a course...