Writing the Mystory

In the spring of this year, I embarked on a different kind of writing project in one of my courses at UCF. Dr. Gregory Ulmer, a theorist and educator at UF, has written a trilogy of texts on the subject of what he terms "electracy," or the digital frontier for composition studies and collective consultancy. 

I read Internet Invention and completed the exercises and, in so doing, compile a mystory that was equal parts challenging and introspective. 

I enjoyed the process of curating images, searching for personal touchstones, and explaining various metaphors in prose. Not everything that I built made it into the final project, but that is to be expected as the author explores his or her themes.

If you have the slightest inkling to explore this style of creative composition at greater length, feel free to take a look at Novus Auctus, the widesite that I compiled as part of a larger group project on electracy...

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