The End is Nigh

I am really enjoying the stories in The End is Nigh. This is the first anthology in a series that will cover the apocalypse from a variety of angles. These stories chronicle life before the destruction, and they are filled with creative plots, interesting characters, and loads of pathos. 

I'm five stories in and haven't encountered a story that didn't place the emphasis where it should be in apocalyptic storytelling: on the characters. These are heart-warming (Liu's story) and heart-rending (Due's story) glimpses into the lives and actions of the stressed.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in Jake Kerr's "Wedding Day." As the author says himself, it's a love story. It's also a chilling glimpse into devolution, bureaucracy, and the maddeningly arbitrary nature of haves and have-nots.

I found this collection on sale for $1.99, but it's more than worth the seven bucks. Quality writers, interesting themes, and lots of fine storytelling. Highly recommended...

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