The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

I thoroughly enjoyed The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), which took a little bit of criticism for its three-hour running time last year. With an 8.3 ranking on IMDB, it does have a healthy dose of positive regard, and I think it deserves it. Leonardo DiCaprio is his typically excellent self as Jordan Belfort. Jonah Hill and Rob Reiner take turns stealing scenes (I would be like, just run free. You're free now!), and the storytelling techniques are fun. Scorsese drops the fourth wall in places, and DiCaprio's narration is keen. It's got a lot of energy, and some great individual scenes. I haven't laughed as hard out loud in a year as I did when watching Hill and DiCaprio play that scene with the delayed-impact of the Quaaludes. Sheesh, you want some physical comedy! That was amazing, all the way down the line. 

It's an interesting story, and one I looked into a bit more closely. Belfort is now out there on the motivational speaking circuit. He's still paying off the restitution for his schemes as well, though I read that he hopes to be finished with that by the end of the year.

If half of what the film depicts is legitimate, he's lucky to be alive...I give the film a 'B+' mark, and will watch it again in coming years...

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