The Ducks Prepare to Win the Day!

ESPN Gameday will be in Eugene tomorrow for the day's best game. Michigan State and Oregon will mix it up tomorrow night at 6:30 eastern in a game that will go a long way toward deciding how the inaugural playoff will go in a few months.

Oregon is 10-1-1 against major, non-conference foes in the last two decades. This game is at home, in the magical confines of Autzen, where it never, ever rains. 

The Ducks have built an empire on offense. Speed and depth at every position, in addition to a superior offensive line, will help the Ducks put up points quickly. But it's the defense that has to step up in a run-stopping scheme (play cover 2 and bring a safety up, Coach Pellum) to keep this game winnable.

I hope for the same things tomorrow that I hope for in every Oregon football matchup:

  • I want to see great effort and enthusiasm. This is our season, right here...right now.
  • I want to see a good, competitive game. 
  • I want us to make it through without major injuries.
Troy Hill and Ife-Ekpre Olomu can certainly lock up the MSU wideouts. So let's focus on that line of scrimmage (looking at you, Buckner and Armstead), stay in our assignments, and bring help from the safeties. Once we get some stops (and I really don't care at all about yards; just stops and minimizing scoring), we can unleash Freeman, Tyner, Marshall, Carrington, Stanford, and the rest of the crew...

Go Ducks! Win the day!

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