Go Ducks! Kings in the North!

From Troy to Bend and clear down to Horse Hill. From the beaches of Brookings to the bluffs of Astoria and across the foggy gorge to Hood River. Across all of the meadows, valleys, mountains, and towns in between...let there be a full and concerted marshaling of human positivity toward the young athletes of the mighty University of Oregon.

Men are coming. 

Brutal, savage, smart men with devious plans. Men with bad intentions and high IQs. They come on airships to Eugene, intent on taking what's rightfully ours. 

They converge on Autzen Stadium, the true and just kingdom of American collegiate football. They want what we have: supremacy in the North. 

But our team is ready. We're sharp. We're dedicated, focused, and prepared.

We are Ducks.

Destiny is yours, fellas. We knew when we looked at the schedule that men were coming. We knew all along that the road to achievement would be filled with pitfalls, and that Stanford represented the greatest challenge of all.

Destiny is yours. Take it!

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