Welcome Home, College Football!

Hey there, College Football. Have a seat and grab a cold one. Great to see you! We've missed you around these parts for a few months, but your formal arrival in my living room means a lot, and I'm damned glad you're here.

You see, we love baseball. We love the October Classic. We love the Orioles, and everything about going to the ballpark and watching the pageantry of BP and the wonderful game-within-a-game of the pitcher versus the hitter. All of that is riveting, and we'll always love the boys of summer. Seriously can't wait for the playoffs...

But there's just something special about your arrival on the scene. The weather cools. The leaves turn. There are thoughts of Halloween and turkey and pine trees in the living room on the horizon. There's all of that amazing renewal that accompanies the start of the new fall term. There's the hope of the chase for a conference championship and the debates around the water cooler and the love--nay, the pure joy--in knowing that the Men of Oregon will once again take to the gridiron.

It all starts tonight! It starts with those plucky (pun intended) little rodents from Corvallis, invading Minnesota for a match-up with the Golden Gophers (rodents in their own right). For this night, at least, Go Beavers.

Thanks, College Football. Glad to have you back, and here's hoping for a memorable year...

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