The Orphanage

First, let me say that I watched The Host again last night and it was every bit as good as it was in the theater. I love the editing--that sucker really moves nicely. I also like the acting and it's flat-out hilarious that they bust out with an Italian Polka in the scene where the family busts out of the decontamination facility. An awesome movie (A)!

The Kingdom was interesting. I liked it ok. It's hard to watch in a few spots--namely those shots where the kids are packing the explosives full of marbles and jacks. And the final sentiment is a dilly. A flawed third act renders this one a B-.

We saw The Orphanage last Friday (B+) and I have to say it was excellent! It's a charming film, well paced and nicely acted. The setting is beautiful--an ornate old orphanage on the banks of the boiling ocean. There are plenty of chilling moments in this one, including a real shrieker in the middle, but it's a slow build. It's the kind of horror movie I prefer--one that assumes I can sit still for two hours.

Belen Rueda is awesome. In a lot of ways, this film reminds me of The Others (great movie), but I liked Rueda's turn here even more than I enjoyed Kidman's. Her abilities here make the conclusion believable.

Take a look if you haven't yet. I'll review Cloverfield next week.

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