We've long had a fascination with technology and its daily impact on our lives. Generally, we like to believe that improvements in technology make our lives easier. We cling to the notion that these comforts are good for us, but human nature dictates that there's another side to that coin, and it's natural for us to indulge in storytelling on the dark aspects of technology as well.

That's why, if you were a kid in the '80s, you probably remember seeing some of these clips of the Gremlins getting blended and microwaved. This follows, of course, on the heels of the classic urban legend of the microwaved pet, which communicates a certain disdain for the elderly and their relationship to common household appliances. 

So it's natural to take these stories and advance them through time, which inevitably swaps a human being for the pet and a microwave for a tanning bed.

But then you see a story like this.

Look, far be it for me to say what good parenting is, but if these allegations of child abuse are true, then I really feel for that poor child. 

Sheesh. Watch that video. Is there even a bit of irony in her comments at the :43 mark?   

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