The Meat Grinder is Primed and Ready...

Santorum and Gingrich are out.

The focus is off of the GOP primary and onto the general election.

Stephen King is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore.

The rhetorical fires have been burning for months, but things are about to get really hot.

Here comes seven months of partisan political turmoil in this country that will make for a spectacle I doubt any of us have ever seen before. With the Supreme Court paving the way for these super PACs to throw their heft behind their candidates, this is going to be about as contrived as a Wrestlemania ladder match.

Get ready for Obama/Biden versus Romney/Rubio. I hope Rick "The Model" Martel doesn't show up at one of the debates spraying the smell of arrogance around the studio (like the place would need it)...

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