Pushing Through

You're an amazing person.

I'm amazed at the way you're up when the stars are still out, writing before putting in a full day's work. I'm amazed at the way you find the time at the end of the day, when the kids are screaming and the house is a mess.

I'm amazed at the way you pore over your rejections, looking for the slightest clue that will unlock a better reception the next time around before moving on to the next round of stuffing envelopes and researching markets.

I'm amazed at the way you come to the writing on those days when it feels like your head is stuffed with cotton and every sentence comes out in passive voice and the plot in front of you is spinning ever closer to that yawning abyss. I'm amazed when you summon the strength to highlight huge sections of your work and then delete it without conscience. I'm amazed at the way you doggedly get to work at rebuilding the story.

I'm amazed when you feel the courage to share with others that you have a passion for writing and I admire the fact that you're willing to let others judge you. I'm amazed at the way you control your emotions when a friend innocently says, "I'd like to write a book some day, when I finally get the time. How hard can it be?"

I'm amazed at your resilience and your willingness to keep going. Writing is hard. The next time you feel like you're up against the wall and you're not sure if you even want to try to find a way over it or around it or straight on through it, take a deep breath and know the truth of your situation.

You're an amazing person.

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