Deep South, Deep Chill

Spent the afternoon checking in on the operations throughout Florida's alligator warming centers. This state's one-million-plus population of thunder lizards hate the cold, so I drove all over Duval County, making food drops of piping hot tomato soup with french bread croutons. There were lines outside the City Reptile Rescue Mission; I hope they get everyone situated before sunset.

It was eight (8) degrees with the windchill today in Jacksonville. This is a serious crop crippler folks. We've already had a dozen plants in the backyard die this winter. Now I'm just hoping the citrus trees and blueberry bushes make it through the weekend.

As I was driving home, I thought I saw a disembodied head floating through the trees. I was transfixed. Turns out it was a dude in a camouflage jumpsuit walking in the woods. He was selling firewood out of the back of his pick-up truck.

Yeah, it's cold.

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