Doorways: Support Your Local Horror Magazines

I took out a subscription to Doorways Magazine this week. I also get Weird Tales, Cemetery Dance and One Story. As much as I enjoy keeping an emergency short story in the cargo compartment of my Tacoma, I'm not sure I'll be renewing One Story. I've found the overall quality of the magazine a little inconsistent, sad to say. I usually like every other story.
I recently read the lamentations of an editor at a popular magazine who said, essentially, that writers don't buy magazines. This editor is, most probably, correct.
And I'll admit that many writers find a magazine's overtures to "purchase copies so you'll get a feel for what we print" trite, and maybe a bit of a cash grab.
But it's good advice.
Henry Ford once said: You can't pay your workers so poorly that they can't afford to drive the cars they're building. I think this maxim applies to writers as well. If you want to sell your work, you need to also support the platforms that make it possible.
I know times are rough, but if you're able, taking out a subscription to a favorite magazine goes a long ways--particularly in the genre fields, where quality pubs like Realms of Fantasy have recently perished.
Non Sequitir Transition:
I don't like being the person who has to drive behind a truck that has a person sitting in the back of it. It's awkward for everyone involved.
Also, I like the word "whilst." While I can't think of any occasion in which I'd ever use it, it has a nice ring to it...

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