R.I.P. Rocky Mountain News

Man oh man. The Rocky Mountain News is done after tomorrow's edition. This paper has been around for over 150 years. Having spent many great years in my youth in Colorado, this is more than a little sad for me. I read the RMN's online edition two or three times a week, looking for Denver Broncos news.

The Florida Times-Union serves about two million people in this state and southeast Georgia. It lists its circulation numbers at around 176,000. We still get it every morning. I like to hold the paper in my hand. I always have. There's a pile of news sitting next to me as I blog in my recliner.

But I don't think the outlook is rosy for us getting a daily hard copy. In Detroit, the two competing dailies have contracted to only delivering thrice weekly. The San Francisco Chronicle is in danger.

For heaven's sake, the New York Times is struggling to stay afloat.

This is not good news, in my humble view of things. I cut my teeth writing sports in Portland. They still have a pair of papers going at it, but I've heard that the Oregonian is struggling. I loved the news room, and I pictured my golden years writing sports for a major metro in the Pacific Northwest.


R.I.P. Rocky Mountain News. Sorry to see you go...

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