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Oregon rules. We simply rule everything. Oregon 42...Cal 03.


I'm watching UW vs. Stanford. Sad.

Stanford just smothered it...


Karen from Mentor said...

Hi Daniel,

I'm not ready for football yet.

I'm still watching baseball.
Do you remember when baseball season actually ENDED and *then* FOOTBALL season began?

and while I'm kvetching....

I also hate it that Lowe's already has Christmas decorations out.
But they ARE right next to the Halloween maybe they thought it would even out...?

and to finish out the thought....hey you kids...get off my lawn....


come see my flash fiction. I hear it's dark and twisted....

Daniel W. Powell said...

Evening Karen,

Yeah, I'm pretty much a pants-to-the-nipples, early-bird eating complainer on the topic of the holiday meld. Seriously, we saw Christmas decorations this week at Costco.

I'm loving the baseball race in the AL Central. Alas, my Orioles have a terrible record and have wasted another year.

I'll pop by to get a read on the flash fiction. We're heading into the perfect month for dark and twisted!

Karen from Mentor said...

Oh my gosh...this part made me laugh out loud

"Yeah, I'm pretty much a pants-to-the-nipples, early-bird eating complainer"

oh man...

still giggling.

what a character sketch...ESPECIALLY if you can make him into a zombie....