The Turning of the Seasons

My mother, bless her heart, got a kick out of Halloween every year. I remember when I was a kid, growing up in Colorado, when she would scare me throughout the month of October.

"Strange things happen in the month of October," she'd cryptically remind me.

I'd head off for school and come home to find a cut-out of a skeleton or a witch taped up next to my bed or over near my desk. It used to tickle the heck out of me, and is probably why I have such an affinity for the fall and the Halloween holiday.

She carried the tradition well into my adulthood, sending me Halloween cards with a couple bucks tucked inside while I was attending Linfield College. I'll try to do a similar thing with Lyla. I want her to enjoy the fall as much as her parents and grandparents do.

It is, without a doubt, my favorite time of the year. I love the cooling evenings, the little blasts of steam that punctuate conversation (yes, we get those in Northeast Florida also), the college football games and turning leaves. I love making soups and roasting turkeys and actually using the heat.

I love the robust seasonal beers (mmm....Jubel Ale) and the mystery of Halloween.

I used to try to watch thirty horror movies in the month, but now I just look at a few of the standards. This year, I'd like to stretch my wings on my October reading. If you have any must-read horror novels, I'd love to hear some recommendations. The most frightening book I've ever read would have to be Lansdale's The Nightrunners. That one got under my skin, friends.

We're suppose to get our first cold front of the season tomorrow, and it couldn't come at a better time. We'll hit 93 today, then maybe top out at 82 tomorrow...

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Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Daniel,
Joe Konrath wrote AFRAID as the scariest book ever.[pen name Jack Kilborn]
If I owned AFRAID it would live in my freezer.
Never opened.... wrapped shut in a rubberband.
Poor book.
So that's my recommendation to you Daniel m'dear. Something so scary that when polled at least half the people who bought it couldn't finish it.

But for good old fashioned horror, the original Dracula floated my boat in school. Carrie too.

I LOVE fall too. And it's really pretty in my part of the country.
And pumpkin pie? Yay!
Happy fall!
Karen :0)

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