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I love a cold'un, but 170 million bucks a year in associated shattered-glass-related-pub-fight medical care? Wow. That's a hard figure for me to grasp. That little ol' island had 87,000 smash-and-stab incidents in 2009? Sheesh...

From the Oregonians behaving badly front, Greg Oden took pictures of himself in the buff and they found their way onto the internet. Of course they did! That's the world we live in--an instant of idiocy gets archived for eternity on the internet. I'm thankful that I lived in an era (and I know this sounds Puritanical, but it's true) where, as a ten-year-old kid, I wasn't two clicks away from Cal Ripken's junk anytime I wanted to check my e-mail.

The Oregon Ducks swept the Southern California teams last week in hoops, breathing life into a season that had become derailed by a five-game losing streak. If we can get a win up at Gill Mausoleum on Sunday, we'll move into the top third of the Pac-10. It's a strange year for college basketball. I think the ACC might only get 1-2 teams into the tournament (have you seen North Carolina's act lately?). The Pac-10 might just have one. I see three or four teams coming out of the SEC.

Can you say mid-major magic? At the midpoint of the year, the tournament could have a lot of newcomers (and Jacksonville University, by the way, is pretty good).

Two really fine stories (among likely hundreds of others) were published in the last week on the internet:

I started this year's long project this week, and it sure feels nice to get back into a long-form rhythm. I've also got some movie insights to unload later this weekend, if you're planning on hitting the video store...

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