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Speculative Fiction News

I was fortunate to receive a note of good news on an essay I wrote last fall. The piece is part of my packet for potential admission to graduate school and focuses on narratives of the apocalypse. I think it's a solid piece, and I'm happy to say that it will published by World Literature Today as part of an upcoming issue focusing on world science fiction.

In other news, Warren Lapine's Tir Na Nog press, which stepped in to revitalize Realms of Fantasy last year, is bringing back Dreams of Decadence as well. Warren writes on his live journal that Dreams will be accepting e-mail submissions for at least the near future.

Space and Time is also now open to submissions.

And finally, I've been alerted to an ongoing situation at Oregon's Wheatland Press. Wheatland's ground-breaking anthology, Polyphony, is looking for preorders to ensure the survival of the series. If you have a couple of bucks to spare and are looking for a treasury of strong speculative fiction, Polyphony could really use your support.


Anonymous said...

congrats on yet another publishing dwp!

Daniel W. Powell said...

Thanks! Much appreciated...