The Timucuan Portal

My story "The Timucuan Portal," a piece whose genesis first began on a boardwalk running trail through a dark canopy of mangroves and cypress trees, is now available in Dead But Dreaming 2. I wrote this story in a white-hot blaze. I put it down on paper after having a supremely unsettling encounter out there in the woods (not the first I've had, and very likely not the last, given the amount of time I spend off trail).

I've been fortunate that, in my short and unremarkable writing career, I've had the honor of working with some of the best editors in the speculative field. Working with Kevin Ross has been just another of those great experiences. This is a handsome book, and I'm honored to have a story in it, right next to a number of mythos writers I've been reading for years.

It's nice to be published, but to have the story treated really well is always a blessing.

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