Submitted for Your Approval: A List of Interesting Writings...

Some of the stuff that I've been reading and enjoying out there:

  • David James Duncan, author of the excellent memoir The River Why, has written an interesting essay on the writing process;
  • Joe R. Lansdale's "Fish Night" is a story I never tire of. I've read it now about a dozen times, and it's a fine blend of authentic characterization and bizarro surrealism;
  • To my thinking, there's nothing not to like in the legend of the "Stranger in the Church." This one's most frightening aspect is the invasion of personal space;
  • Very interesting interview with the always-candid Greg Norman. The man is comfortable with himself, and that's admirable.
I recorded American Horror Story. If you've seen it, I'd love to hear any thoughts on the show in the comments section...

And finally, you know you all want to watch Oregon tonight at home against Cal! Grab a cold'un and get ready to watch those great gridders from Oregon as they defend Autzen against the Golden Bears!


Aaron Polson said...

Hi, Daniel -

"Fish Night" is a great little story. Lansdale has a way with characterization that is all his own. Thanks for the link so I can read it again.

Daniel W. Powell said...

Morning Aaron,

Yeah, that's a fun little tale. Much of Florida that we camp and fish in now was once under water. From mega-shark jaws to little snail shells, there are fossils all around the area!

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