Fotolia Continues to Amaze!

Graphic artists, web designers, bloggers and journalists have known about Fotolia for a long time. I've blogged about their services before but, in the last three or four months, they've incorporated some changes that have really elevated the bar.

Fotolia, which serves as a repository for many millions of stock photographs, vectors, videos, backgrounds and accents, has unveiled a new program called TEN. This program features video presentations of ten talented graphic artists as they move through the creative steps necessary to create an original work of digital art. If you are looking to create a memorable poster, book cover, flier--heck, even a logo for your business--this is a really neat experience. I've watched the first two of these presentations, and I came away with some great ideas. If you are thinking about giving Fotolia a shot, I'd recommend signing up prior to April 10, when they will actually provide the PSD layer file (provided by artist Joolz) to subscribers for free.

Fotolia's database features a very intuitive search engine. I've really enjoyed the process of browsing the content over the months, and they've entered into another alliance that I think further cements their place at the forefront for digital art. Fotolia now is licensing selected galleries from deviantART.

This is awesome.

I love a lot of the fine art I see on deviantART, so this affiliation makes perfect sense for Fotolia. I've met a few artists through deviantART and collaborated on projects with them, so this was great news for me. By partnering with deviantART, they bolster their catalog of images and they make the acquisition of artwork seamless for the purchaser and profitable for the artist. This gives the folks posting over at deviantART another distribution channel for their work, and it makes Fotolia a one-stop shop for content.

You can purchase images at Fotolia a la carte or through subscription. If you work in the field of digital creativity, I highly recommend that you take a look through their files and carve out some time to view one of the TEN presentations. I'm confident that you'll come away a stronger artist for your investment!

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