These Strange Worlds: Fourteen Dark Tales

How does one deal with the crushing isolation of surviving the apocalypse? Hey, parasites just might be the answer!

What's the deal with that flat up there at 9 Curzon Place? I'd caution against checking in, but the place is building one heck of a band, you've got to give it that...

Hey teachers! All that grading got you down? Now, for a small down payment and a minimum (and...infrequent) maintenance fee, you can have all the help you need, courtesy of the zombies of the Caribbean island of Haiti...

Haunted hotels and zombie ponzi schemes. Alien invasions and murderous murals. All this and a heaping helping of weird are being served up gratis, but only for a limited time!

Get the collection These Strange Worlds: Fourteen Dark Tales, currently free for the Kindle.

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