The Walking Dead Season Two

I was a little skeptical of the direction this show was taking in the early portion of the season. There seemed to be a little too much repetition in the ideas (that whole "Dale took away my choice" thing among the most tedious plot points) that were floating around, and it seemed like they were going in bizarre directions with the Carl shooting.

Then Shane started going a little nutty and the Sophia subplot developed and they stumbled across Hershel's farm and my interest picked up. Things seem to be moving forward nicely now, and there's a sense of continuity to their struggles that was lacking a bit when they were just moving from place to place. 

Frank Darabont seems to really like the idea of toying with natural selection (everything is food for something else), depicting raw human power struggles (Shane and Rick and Lori and Andrea) and debating the utility of perseverance in the face of tragedy (suicide has been a recurring theme in the show).

All in all, I'd say that season two got off to a rough start but is now really bringing the goods after last year's promising debut. The actors appear more comfortable in their roles (I still don't like a few of the casting choices, but I've grown to tolerate them) and the story seems to be building toward an explosive conclusion for this year.

And that doesn't even bring to bear two of the more intriguing story angles from last year: what happened to Daryl's brother, and what will become of the father and son that Rick was trying to stay in contact with early on in the show?  

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