Pat Summitt

A legend from the world of sports hung up her whistle this afternoon. Pat Summitt did more to advance the realm of women's sports in this country than any other individual in history, in my estimation. She led her players with class and dignity, and I don't think anyone will ever have as much success. Her numbers are shockingly good, and she turned the UT hoops program into the blueprint for college dominance. 

I watched her say goodbye an hour ago in her news conference, and I came away thinking two things: the world of sports just lost a giant, and the world of Alzheimer's research just gained a champion.


BBluford said...

Great and concise. Alzheimer's has no the fight it has gotten itself into. I wrote a short post/tribute to Coach Summit, as well.


Daniel W. Powell said...

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for dropping by! I was pretty sad to watch the news conference yesterday, but I think she picked a good time to leave her role as a head coach, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for her!

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