Spring Cleaning

Our little girl might be three years old (that makes her a very big girl--just ask her and she'll tell you), but she still manages to distribute a surprising amount of food on the various walls, doors and baseboards of our home.

We did a little sprucing up around the place last weekend and I found a pile of recent Fantasy & Science Fiction digests that I'm done with.

If you want them, shoot me an e-mail at daniel.powell@fscj.edu with your mailing address and I'll send them out. I've got the last five if anybody wants them.

First come, first served.

My wife was cleaning behind the couch and also found an almost infinite number of digital copies of my thriller novella Frozen. I say almost infinite because this title will be free for today and tomorrow only. If you pick up a copy and enjoy the story, I hope you might consider posting a brief review on the Amazon homepage... 

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