Shifting my Thinking...

I've spent the last few days reviewing the course catalog at UCF and thinking about the classes I'd like to take later in the year and the path of study I'll be pursuing over the next few years. I've such a different appreciation for school than I did when I was taking classes at Portland State. I always enjoyed my work there at PSU, and the professors there are top notch. But I didn't put as much thinking into the planning side of things.

This time, it's a much different experience. 

Central Florida is offering some dynamic programs, and it seems they have some great (and productive) faculty members in the literary arts. I've been reviewing faculty websites, reading course descriptions and syllabi, looking over reading lists, and projecting how these classes might fit together in a program that will (hopefully) help become a stronger writer.

Although I'll be a bit of a road warrior, it's all pretty exciting. With FSCJ's help in scheduling, I'm enrolling at full-time status. I think I'll be able, at least in this first term, to make things work in a way that won't have a huge negative impact on my daughter.

In other news, I read loads of solid short essays from my rhetoric students today (grades coming soon), wrote 1,000 words and edited another 1,000. Hot and muggy in Jacksonville, and the Jags are playing the Super Bowl champs to kick off the preseason. Welcome home, TC!

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