That's Not Conservative!

I've never lived in a part of the country where folks compete so viciously over the mantle of "conservatism." This race for our local senate district is getting contentious, and I wonder how far they had to ram the sticks up those angry actors' behinds to get them to make those faces.

By the way, do you get a feel for the target market by looking at those folks?

Look, every political ideology has its speaking points. I certainly don't deny that, and I saw my share of advertisements from the other side of the spectrum that were very similar throughout my time in Portland.

But stuff like this (this ad plays in almost every commercial break during the local news) just seeks to simplify complex issues (the Obama lightrail initiative, specifically) and directs more ignorant anger at the entire political process.

All I can say is, study the issues and learn about the candidates. Vote the issues, not the party lines, and try to keep your optimism tank full, because it's unlikely that whichever candidates earn your vote will actually deliver the objectives they discussed during their campaigns.

Of course, education and relativism are lost on a certain segment of the population that listens intently to everything their demigods say on the radio, then parrot them back in casual conversation as if they know THE WAY.

Come to think of it, education and relativism?


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