The Open Championship

The Open Championship was some of the most compelling golf I've ever watched. These last four days have been riveting, with the course laying down early in the tournament a bit, then rearing up today to show just how hard it can be to play golf in the biting winds of the United Kingdom.

I'm thrilled for Ernie Els. He joins an elite group of golfers that have won major tournaments in three separate decades, and he's done some amazing things outside of the ropes. A Floridian now, his work with Autism Speaks has been instrumental in raising millions for autism research. He's a gentleman, a fellow who is always engaging with the galleries when he makes his yearly appearance at The Players.

As happy as I am for Ernie, I feel just as bad for Adam Scott. He absolutely put on a clinic on the tees this week, and his shot-making abilities were certainly in tune enough to win the championship. He's a nice guy--a very kind and talented player--and I just hope that he isn't excoriated by the international golf press as a player that melted down when it mattered. The course was different today, clearly, and the back nine was very different than the front nine. 

It was an amazing tournament to watch. Kudos to Ernie and Adam, a pair of great players that put on a fantastic show over these last four days...

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