Torched: A Thriller

Fresh on the heels of the thrilling novella Frozen comes Torched, a continuation of the tale of two women who have had their families decimated by tragedy, and who will stop at nothing to gain a measure of vengeance in return for their suffering.

Terri James lost her husband to the Colorado wilderness, but she never lost the hope of making Vivian Bowles pay for what she did to her family.

After enlisting the help of a private detective, Terri has discovered that Vivian escaped to a tiny village in Central Mexico. She has taken up residence there with another American expatriate, and is embarking upon what appears to be an idyllic existence.

All of this while Terri’s children struggle with chronic nightmares and an existence without their father.

But life has a fascinating way of repeating itself, and Terri has some very uncomfortable plans for the happy hideaways taking refuge in Cerritos. Torched explores the depths of obsession that govern the human impulse for revenge, as well as the redemptive qualities of what it means to let go.

Whoever said that revenge was a dish best served cold?

A 28,000-word novella, Torched is intended for adult audiences. It contains graphic depictions of sex and violence.

(Author’s note: Yes, some razorbacks do top 1,000 pounds. Don’t believe me? Do a little bit of research on “Hogzilla,” a creature that was shot and killed in Alapaha, Georgia, back in 2004…)

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