Life with Lyla...

Each day that passes reveals new and hilarious aspects of my daughter's personality. She is a great kid, and it's a pleasure to be with her every day.

We were in dance class yesterday when the instructor asked the kids to work through the various footing positions (they are practicing first through fifth right now).

"What comes after four?" Ms. Ashley asked.

"CHEEEESE!" the kids responded in unison, my daughter among them, with palpable glee.

It was hilarious. You know! One, two, three, four, CHEEEESE!

Then, last night, Jeanne and I went in to give her a kiss. She was sacked out, and I noticed something poking out from beneath the dust ruffle of her bed. Every child, by the way, needs a little hidey-hole for his or her prized possessions. That's Lyla's spot.

Well, I pulled the object out and discovered this. Yes, my daughter collects milkshake coupons in her special place. 

Man,we cracked up when we saw that! Come to think of it, I better get it back under there before she discovers that it's missing...

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