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Things are really cooking out here in Florida, both figuratively and literally. We, like most of the country, have been suffering through a period of absolutely broiling heat. It's been in the high 90s most days, with a heat index over 100. 

That's been good for me, as I enjoy the heat, but it's been bad for our elderly population, as well as those who don't have air conditioning (sounds funny, but it's very true). We had a tree service come out and prune that big Live Oak in the front yard. It looks great, and now the sun can get through the canopy and down to the grass. We put in 400-sq-feet of new sod, and now we've been battling to keep it irrigated. It's taking well, though, and I expect all will be well with it.

I titled this post in this fashion (I like "thusly," but it's considered non-standard) because it feels like I'm doing just that in a few different ways. I'm in the final stretches of the summer term, and then it's back to the classroom as I pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Central Florida. That's just six weeks away.

It's exciting to get back to actively pursuing new academic ideas and cultivating my skills. I'm thankful for the opportunity, but a little nervous about balancing everything (I'll still teach two classes at UCF in the fall, in addition to taking nine credits and spending time with Jeanne and Lyla).

But I have faith that all will be well.

And finally, back in April I turned a novel in to my agent, Bernadette Baker-Baughman. My hope is to get this in the hands of the right publisher, and we're working to make that happen before I'm off to school in late August. I like the story very much and, while it's not quite ready to venture out on submission quite yet, I'm confident that it will be soon.

And we're hoping that all will be well.

Torched will be available soon (and I appreciate the notes from those of you wanting to read it!), and The Silver Coast and Other Stories is garnering some good feedback.

So be well where you are, and stay cool if you can... 

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