The Call of Golden Gate

Publishing can be a frustrating business, and this story has endured an arduous journey to the digital page. It was originally accepted for a defunct anthology that was proposed by a well-regarded specialty publisher. Stories are orphaned all the time, and sometimes they never find a good home.

That wasn’t the case here, thankfully, and I am proud to have the story now presented in one of the finest speculative magazines on the Internet. BuzzyMag is publishing some fine fiction, and I’m honored to contribute to their magazine.

Writing this story was an emotional experience I had to do a lot of research to get the tone of the piece right, and I invested a lot of energy in the protagonist. I feel for Dick Allen—I really do. I hope you do too, or the story won’t quite “work” as I’d hoped.

I’ve heard writers say in interviews that they can’t choose a favorite story—that, like parents talking about their children, they like them all equally. I can understand the sentiment, but I don’t share it. I like this story a lot.

I think it’s the best short story that I’ve ever written...

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