An Ethical Dilemma

There is a nice little community running/walking trail close by our house. I like to knock out a few laps on it from time to time. It's filled with kids on bikes, folks walking their dogs, a maniacal rollerblader that would be awesome in the post-apocalyptic Jacksonville, and tons of frisbee golfers. I was running that trail today and I wondered, whose fault would it be if I hung out my clotheslines on both sides and somebody got whacked?

Think about it. If I put 'em out from the start, and I keep 'em up, there would be ample opportunity for folks to step out of their path. Those clotheslines have every right to hang horizontally from my shoulders, right? Or is it selfish and irresponsible to put out the laundry on a public trail?

This is one potential outcome, of course:

I'll welcome any insights on this one!

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