Best Wings in JAX?

There are lots of places to grab great wings in Jacksonville, and I've tried just about all of them. I love the Mojo Kitchen's smoky, savory wings. Ten of those bad boys, a cold People's Pale Ale and a bit of their spicy barbecue sauce and I'm in heaven.

But my favorite wing joint is just a half mile from my front door. Seriously, how great is that? I live in an awesome part of town--close to some tremendous hiking trails, great fishing spots, my favorite golf course, and a lovely local watering hole. If you drop by the Mudville Grille on Monument Road, I recommend getting the cajun ranch, grilled (just tell them you want 'em "Big Dale Style" and they'll hook you up). They aren't on the menu, but they're pretty freaking good!

If I can talk the girls into it, I want to try out Big John's Crumpy's Wings. Big John Henderson held it down in the center of the Jags' interior defensive line for years. The man was a vicious run-stopper, and a heck of a fan favorite. I loved watching John do his dance when he got a pressure or a sack. The big man could move!

Review pending upon successful consumption of these crumpy delicacies!

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