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Whew. Been writing non-fiction like crazy lately. It's been rewarding to exercise that different aspect of the writing apparatus over these last few terms (and I'm taking a pair of rhetorical theory courses this summer, so I'll be back at it in a few weeks), but I'm excited to get down to some fiction in the next few weeks.

A few observations:
  • In Search Of and Others is my favorite book so far of 2013. Ludwigsen's stories are haunting, beautifully rendered, and filled with insights into what it means to experience life through the prism of the fantastic. This is a collection that should garner some hardware in the coming months...
  • Kristopher Reisz's "Lord of the Tattered Banner" was a great, enjoyable read. Talk about your reluctant antihero! Fengr Tall-As-A-Mounted-Man is an orc for the ages. My daughter is really into Middle Earth storytelling lately, and I'm tempted to read her this one in installments over the next few evenings.
  • Speaking of installments, the next chapter of Remnants: A Record of Our Survival is now available.
  • Django Unchained was a decent film, but it felt a little more indulgent than the recent Tarantino fare. I enjoyed it, but it didn't have the narrative urgency of Basterds or Death Proof.
  • The Jaguars did a good job of getting bodies in camp to beef up the secondary. Cyprian looks like the real deal, and those corners that came off the board in the seventh round can really run. If one of them makes the team and contributes well, this draft is an 'A' grade overall...
  • My stories "South of Okeechobee" and the zombie tale "The Boy in the Cage" are available a la carte for the Kindle. These stories were first published in the collection The Silver Coast and Other Stories.
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