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A Long Week


Spent the week cooped up with my Frankenfoot on the couch, reading Foucault and Nietzsche. These classes I'm taking this summer are going to be really tough, but terrifically enlightening. I've already created a new presentation (prezi/PPT) that I will be using in my rhetoric classes in the fall based on some of the materials I've digested. 

Just got the stitches out of my wound this morning. Thankfully, the doctors said I didn't do any nerve damage and my bone structure is in good shape. There is such a huge amount of blood flowing to the human foot that my healing probably progressed just due to the injury's location. The skin knitted together properly and I'm pretty hopeful that I didn't have any infection. We'll keep knocking out the horse pills until they're gone just to be sure...

Long week for politics in America, and I'm just not sure what to think about all of this. The IRS scandal is really disheartening, and I hope that this doesn't go clear to the President's desk. If it does? Man....disheartening is all I can say. 

Waiting on news about a novel. Made some progress on a longer writing project. Received good news on a short story. 

Man, and I'm looking forward to jogging again! Losing the use of a foot puts a lot of things in perspective, and I certainly will do things differently moving forward. Take care of yourselves, folks. There's nothing like a little prevention on the front side to live a long and health(ier) life...

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