Kindle Unlimited has a Residual Effect

So I'm still not sure how the Kindle Unlimited program will impact my earnings for last month, when I had a number of titles just finishing their window of exclusivity with Select. One thing I do find fascinating, however, is the broader reach of the program. 

In the first few days of its existence, I had seventeen reads (more than 10% of the text qualifies the book) in either Kindle Unlimited or KOLL. Since the first of August, I've had four more, and I wondered how that was possible, since I'm out of Select. So these were all KU reads. 

Well, as the terms of service indicate, a user might include your book in that monthly bundle (I think up to ten titles a month), and then not read it for some time. Whenever they cross that 10% threshold, even if you are no longer participating in Select, it triggers a read in the program. 

So there is some potential for growing your audience well after you make your titles available in other distribution channels as well. I have nothing insightful to say on this--but I do see it as an interesting facet of how this subscription service changes the dynamics between authors and readers. 

It will be interesting to see how Amazon computes the KOLL/KU units for last month, and how much they put into the pie for August. 

Exciting times, I tell you...exciting times in the world of disruptive technologies!

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