Kindle Unlimited a Race to Ubiquity and Dominance?

Musician David Byrne said some interesting things a few months ago about Spotify, and it will be interesting to see how Kindle Unlimited stacks up on royalties over the coming months. Hugh Howey touched on this in his balanced blog post on the service.

I have a few titles available in Select (Maximum Dark, and a couple of short stories), and I'm taking a cautionary approach with going all-in. 

The thing is, that one can experience some marketing spread by sticking with other vendors. I love Amazon as a business for its customer experience, to be sure, and they've done a good job with busting the ebook market wide open. I tend to fall in line more closely with Howey, and I think that this will have a similar effect on the market that the KOLL program had. 

But Byrne's comments are keen. Writers need to realize that there are other ways to market and value their wares. Consider a Goodreads ad campaign (yes, I know where the revenue goes) or a BookBub promotion. Consider bumping prices to a more sustainable $4.99-$7.99 for novels.

Until we see the figures by Amazon, it's hard to gauge what these subscription services will do for writers. Best to just keep working and watching the market...

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