The World is Filled with Legless Creatures

Two laps around the Goldenrod Trail here equates to a challenging five-mile run. But man-oh-man is it a harrowing jaunt! I spooked a pair of snakes on the trail today. I saw a raccoon and a praying mantis--I swear--the size of a rat terrier. Had I stepped on it, it would have been ugly. I think it was ten inches long.

Tonight's episode of Nature is awesome. It's about jumbo crocodiles! Take a look at this story. The American Crocodile is enjoying a re-emergence down around the 10,000 Islands. Very exciting news, unless you find a reptile in your kitchen (this one's a gator)...

I fried up a mess of alligator tail two weeks ago. It's pretty good, I'll have to admit.

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