The Oregonian's Books Section and Nuclear Jellyfish Signing

I've always enjoyed the books coverage in my hometown paper. The Oregonian's book section is an oasis of pithy reviews (seriously, these people can get beneath the surface of a book; it's a must-send for you and your publisher), industry news and great regional fare from one of the most literate corners of America.

I love that post on the tattered copy of Henry James's The Ambassadors (an excellent book, by the way). I often get a chuckle thinking about the adventures some of these books must go on while in the employ of the public library. I know I've been burning through some soldiers in '09, many of them smudged with food and filled with sand.

For fellow Tim Dorsey fans in the Jacksonville area, the author will make his at least yearly sojourn to our fair city this Friday to sign copies out at The Bookmark, Atlantic Beach. As I understand it, Northeast Florida gets top billing in this one, so I'll be excited to hear what Mr. Dorsey has to say about his writing process.

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