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I sold my fourth story in 2012 at HWA "pro" rates, which are recognized at a nickel per word or greater. It's been a good year in that regard, and I'm very thankful to the various editors that have helped me shape these stories.

The most recent sale was to TM Magazine. My story "Bestsellers, By Proxy" will appear in their pages on the first of September.

It was great to work with Daniel Friend on the edits, but it was also a little humbling. TM Magazine purchases stories that are suitable for readers of all ages. This tale...well, I had no idea how much profanity needed to go until I looked at the track changes. 

I was actually a little embarrassed. I'm no puritan when it comes to language, and the majority of my work can get a little salty in that regard, but it's easy for me to overlook how often I'm letting it fly until I saw the terms in red there on the screen.

Holy #$%&!

I have zero problems changing a story, by the way, for profanity or content issues (unless its absolutely integral to the storytelling itself). I hope my stories will reach all kinds of different audiences, including young readers. And I don't think it's "selling out" at all to sanitize coarse language that isn't important to the story.

Daniel did a great job of offering suggestions that kept the story moving and never interrupted the fluidity of the writing. It was neat to collaborate like that, and I'm looking forward to seeing the story in print soon...

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