Two weeks in and my head is swimming with new ideas, theories and emerging skills. I wrote HTML code for my first website today. Guess what? It worked! It was a simple thing--a single, lonely sentence cast out on a digital island in the vastness of the WWW. 

But it worked!

I read Walter Ong's Ramus: Method and the Decay of Dialogue last week, and I thought it was a great first text to look at in this program at UCF. Ong did a nice job of sketching an effective introduction to classic rhetoric and dialectic.

The sheer immensity of reading and studying is a big change to my schedule. I'm going to write some fiction here and there, for the sake of my sanity, but I can tell that my priorities will have to change a bit for the time being. That's the way it goes, I guess.

College football starts up in two days. Halloween is two months off. Fall is right around the corner. 

Be well where you are...

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